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Part Sales

Parts may be ordered in person or by telephone. We require pre-payment on parts only orders. Parts are usually received from the suppliers within 3 to 10 days. Customers are requested to check on their requests after a few days because we do not do notifications about back orders.

When calling about parts, repair, or service, always have your equipment’s Make, Model, and Serial Number!  Though the equipment often has these numbers in hard to spot locations, they will be on the equipment somewhere!  Keep looking until you find it!  Then have it with you when you visit or call us.  *(barring someone having vandalized, painted over, or abused the equipment.)

Why?  Odd as it might seem, unlike with some automobile parts, lawn and garden equipment is highly diverse, specialized, minutely unique, and parts specific, making most purchases of parts absolutely dependent upon knowing the Make, Model, and Serial Numbers!  This especially includes belts, but again, even most unit parts.  Speaking of belts, while it’s tempting to try to interchange an automotive belt, we don’t recommend it.